Minister Fleming-Artsen attends St. Maarten Student Support Services and Mentors Intervention Meeting

Minister Plenipotentiary Hon. Josianne Fleming-Artsen recently attended a first-ever organized St. Maarten Student Support (S4) and mentors intervention meeting.  The minister used the opportunity to formally introduce herself as well.


A large majority of S4’s mentors came together to partake in the meeting. The initiative was specially requested by the mentors themselves and afforded an opportunity to learn from one another how to improve their mentorship.

Minister Plenipotentiary Hon. Josianne Fleming-Artsen, gave the welcome speech and explained what the Cabinet Plenipotentiary was about, the goals for 2015 and its importance.


The 18 mentors were then divided into smaller groups of four to five, which were led by a member of S4’s staff. In the small intervention groups each mentor had the chance to bring forward subjects/issues where he/she felt that he/she struggled.


According to Afiba Inderson, the head coordinator of the meeting, the meeting was a great success and showed S4 willingness to grow together with its mentors to provide the best possible service to the students under their care.

After hearing feedback from the mentors about the intervention sessions, S4 intends to organize such meetings on a regular basis.

“The initiative taken to organize the mentorship meeting for mentors was an excellent idea.  Students coming from Sint Maarten to the Netherlands are confronted with a whole new environment and experience.


“The deliberations between mentors during this meeting only further strengthened their mentoring resolve, and now they each takes away best practices from each other on how to deal with certain situations and experiences being confronted by our students while studying in the Netherlands.


“I do encourage S4 to have these sessions quarterly, because it’s beneficial not only for the mentors, but for the students as well and parents back home.  After this meeting mentors are now additionally equipped when confronted with certain experiences that students are going through.


“At the same time, parents back home on Sint Maarten can be rest assured that even though Mommy or Daddy are thousands of miles away, they can feel confidence that there is a group of mentors who are well prepared to assist their young adults who are studying here in the Netherlands,” Minister Plenipotentiary Hon. Josianne Fleming-Artsen said on Tuesday.


The Minister, an educator by profession is also looking forward to having following up meetings with S4 throughout the year as well as meeting with Sint Maarten students studying throughout Holland.