Pearl Radio and Virtual Technology Partner With Victorious Living for Leadercast 2015

-“98.1 Pearl F.M. has chosen to partner with Victorious Living Foundation after receiving and seeing the wealth of knowledge that Victorious Living Foundation has to offer to the community,” says Manager of Pearl Radio, Mrs. Arlene Wilson.
Wilson further stated, “Many people out there are hurting and bitter and have so many issues and are not able to personally deal with them because they themselves don’t have a clue how to. Seeing that there is a great need out there to get this knowledge and help, that’s why we decided that if we as a radio station (media outlet) partnered with Victorious Living they would be able to reach a larger audience, the info would get out there to more people and persons in need would get greater assistance.”
Victorious Living is grateful to Pearl FM for their partnership especially in spreading the word about the foundation’s empowerment programs such as Leadercast. For the third consecutive year, Victorious Living which provides counseling services, youth development and personal development training to the general public is hosting Leadercast 2015, a powerful, global leadership conference which focuses on developing leaders who are worth following.
In a press statement, Arlene Wilson stated, “Victorious Living has so much to offer. When someone just hears the foundation’s name, it is not enough, they need to know more, they need to visit the office of Victorious Living and really see what they have to offer.”
Wilson continued, “Even businesses can get more insight of how to run an effective business. Victorious Living caters to so many areas. You would be impressed and surprised to know the vast amount of information and edification you can get from them. We as a business are setting the example by sending a couple of our employees to attend the upcoming Leadercast event to be held in May.”
Samuel Dorisme, CEO and owner of Virtual Technology who helped to coordinate the technical side of Leadercast 2014 and will be the lead technical expert in 2015 said: “At Leadercast I met new clients; received new business opportunities; and overall was very happy to be the IT Technical Coordinator for the event and still will be for 2015. I learned new things as well.” He encourages leaders, business owners and managers to “come and join the Leadercast program you won’t regret it.”
Leadercast 2015 is slated for May 8th 2015 on St. Maarten via live simulcast from Atlanta Georgia. Businesses and organizations who’d like to showcase their products, information and services may also register for a limited number of booth displays. The maximum capacity for the event is 225 at present; therefore persons interested should register as soon as possible.
The early bird registration is ongoing from now until February 28th, 2015 on a first come first served basis. A VIP executive package is also available for persons wanting to maximize their experience.
An impressive lineup of speakers for Leadercast 2015 includes: Andy Stanley, leadership author and communicator; Peyton Manning, super bowl –winning Quarterback and five-time NFL MVP; Malala Youfsafzai, Nobel Laureate and founder of the Malala Fund; Ed Catmull, President of Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios; Seth Godin, innovative thinker and Bestselling author and more.
All of these renowned persons will be addressing what it takes to be courageous in leadership. In an era where leadership appears to be more easily compromised and challenged, the message of bravery in leadership to position oneself as a leader worth following is an on time message. Therefore Victorious Living’s president and visionary, Erna Mae Francis-Cotton is encouraging all leaders in our community to be a part of Leadercast 2015 as we all purpose to make St. Maarten a better place for us to live. Persons may register by visiting and send an e-mail or register online at or calling 1-721-524-8731/ 1-305-407-9260.
Victorious Living has relocated to Royal Palm Plaza #94 Front Street and will officially celebrate the opening of its new location on January 31st, with an open house from 11-4 p.m. The general public is therefore invited to register for Leadercast then, as well as learn more about Victorious Living’s services.