Stolen jewelry returned to rightful owner

In June of the year 2006 a burglary was committed in a house in Nazareth. The home owners reported this burglary with the police department. During the burglary some jewelry was stolen from the lady of the house.
In a later stage a suspect was arrested for several burglaries and multiple pieces of jewelry were found in his possession. They were confiscated by the police.
When this happens, the police always try to find the rightful owner of the confiscated goods. Sometimes this is very difficult to do, because not that many people report these things to the police in a correct way. For instance they report that ‘a ring’ was stolen, but they cannot give a good description of the ring.
With this message the police want you to know that it’s very important, in case of a burglary or a robbery, that you give a clear and explicit description of the stolen goods, because sometimes the goods do come back to you!
Yesterday, Wednesday January 14th 2015, one of the employees of the St. Maarten Police Force had the chance of making a 52-year old woman, whose house was robbed in June 2006, very happy. An earring and a bracelet with great emotional value were returned to her. Thanks to the good description of the jewelry the lady had it returned to her almost nine years after the burglary originally was committed!
Burglaries do happen, but to make the chances of getting stolen goods back where they belong; in your possession, it’s good to think about a way to describe the more expensive or valuable ones properly. Write down brands, serial numbers and other specifics or, in case of jewelry or art projects, take pictures so the police can return the goods to their rightful owner.