U.S. Coast Guard Holds International Port Security Seminar on Sint Maarten

Members of the U.S. Coast Guard’s International Port Security Program facilitated a three day

International Shipping and Port Facility Security Seminar with maritime security stakeholders in

December 2014. The Department of Civil Aviation, Shipping and Maritime Affairs hosted the

event that was held at the Sol Antilles facility in Cay Bay, St. Maarten.

The U.S. Coast Guard International Port Security Program is charged by the U.S. Congress

with evaluating security in the ports of the U.S.’s maritime trading partners. The standard for

evaluation is the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code, or ISPS Code, which was

adopted in 2004 by all signatories to the International Maritime Organization’s SOLAS (Safety

of Life at Sea) Convention. The International Port Security Program may extend an offer for

capacity building assistance in the form of training that gives back to the ISPS Code.

Representatives from the Department of Civil Aviation, Shipping and Maritime Affairs, Sol

Group, IGY Marina, Viper Management Service, GB Energy, Sint Maarten Ports Authority,

Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard, OSSEM Solutions, and Customs Department, were in

During the seminar, the stakeholders reviewed objectives, functionalities and requirements of

the ISPS Code, and best practices for drill, exercises, and audits. Ultimately, the experience

will improve the implementation and execution of the ISPS Code.