Reps from Prosecutors Office and Police Department meet.

On Wednesday, January 14th a meeting was held between the Public Prosecutors Office and the Police Department. The main topic of this meeting was to put a better structure where internal systems are linked to each other where information will be electrical shared and kept up to date. This will allow the Public Prosecutors Office to effectively share correct information to the Receivers Office and other Government Departments that are involved in the collection of unpaid fines.

With this electronic system it will also be much easier for those persons who do not wish to go to courts to have their fines settled without having to stand in long lines.  The system will also be used effectively at the ports (airport and harbor) where all departing passengers with outstanding fines will identified and given the opportunity to have their outstanding fines paid.

At the implementation of the system the community will receive all information via all local media outlets and also via social media to how the system works.

In addition, the police department has been busy with many traffic controls and will soon receive a list of names of those persons who did not settle their outstanding fines at the Receivers Office.  All these persons should take this information into consideration. Those persons, whose names are registered on the list for outstanding fines, will be dealt with in accordance with the law, one of which is being incarcerated under orders by the Public Prosecutor.