The Detective and Uniform Division of the Police Department are presently investigation several home break-ins, business break-ins and armed robberies which have recently taken place. Several of these criminal acts have been committed during the daytime during on weekends and normal working days. The 2014 Holiday Season and New Year controls by the Police Department are still ongoing; nevertheless the culprits continue to commit these criminal acts, some of which have been successful. The investigating officers have been working tirelessly and do have some information in some of these cases that could lead to arrest of the possible suspects.
The latest armed robbery took place on Sunday January 11th at approximately 10.00 a.m. at Ultimate Jewelers on Front Street. According to information a grey colored vehicle with heavily tinted windows stopped in the Middle of Front Street in front of the business. Two armed masked men dressed in dark clothing jumped out of the vehicle and entered the establishment.
These men started smashing the showcases with hammers they were carrying and removing the jewelry. One suspect jumped over the showcase and took some gold chains from the rack. After committing this act both suspects jumped back into the car and fled the scene in the direction of Emma plein. An intense search by several police patrol and detectives to locate the suspects was done in the Philipsburg and surrounding areas. The vehicle that was used by the two robbers was later found in the hills behind of Over the Bank and the Vine Yard. The vehicle, a gray colored Kia Picanto with license plate 3467 AAB has been confiscated for further investigation.
The suspects had were no where to be found and have not yet been arrested in this case. An undisclosed amount of jewelry was taken from the store. According to information another vehicle may have been involved in this robbery.
The Police Department is asking anyone in the community who may have any information regarding this robbery or any other robbery that could lead in the arrest of the suspects involved to contact the police department.