NAGICO sponsors gears for young cricketer playing for Sussex County

NAGICO Insurances recently made a donation to Daniel Tariq Doran, a young local student who has been drafted to play with the Sussex County Cricket team in England.
This donation, which was personally handed over by Chairman of the NAGICO Group; Mr. Imran McSood Amjad, was geared at outfitting the 17-year-old cricketer, with new cricket uniform and gears for the upcoming season.
“I am a cricket fan and I have seen this young man play and he is remarkable,” Mr. Amjad said. “I am very proud of him and hope he remains focus and continues to do his best.”
Doran expressed gratitude to Mr. McSood and NAGICO for the generous donation and promised to give his best in representing not only himself but the country of St. Maarten.