Temporary reinforcement Prosecution Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba

Based on a Royal Decree, followed by a swearing in ceremony on December 29th , 2014,  mr.  R. Rammeloo has been appointed deputy Public Prosecutor at the Public Prosecutor’s Office BES.
Mr. Rammeloo is employed at the Public Prosecution Breda/Middelburg but is working on location in Bonaire for a few months to reinforce the Public Prosecutor’s Office BES. It concerns  a very experienced Prosecutor  who in the Netherlands is mainly involved with investigations into serious crimes.
In the coming period on Bonaire he will be mainly engaged in the investigation Country Garden. Henry Hambeukers also remains officer in this study, but with the help of mr. Rammeloo,  Hambeukers  can execute his other duties as Chief Prosecutor BES, in addition  to Country Garden .
It is not excluded that mr. Rammeloo will also engage in other cases and execute other Public Prosecution tasks in addition to Country Garden.