Minister Bourne-Gumbs: Our people have secret weapons against adversity

In looking to the New Year Minister of Education, Culture, Youth & Sports Rita Bourne Gumbs said that challenges and adversity are something that St. Maarten people are always well prepared for.

Acknowledging, as her colleagues has, that 2015 will be a year filled with challenges, the Minister said the people are resilient will simply deploy their “bountiful talent, creativity and determination” to overcome.

“As always, we take this time to look back at the year behind us and the year ahead, with great anticipation as to what will come. We should carry the lessons of the past with us, as we look confidently forward with a strong sense of awareness, that we can do anything to which we set our minds,” the Minister said.

Though small, she continued, St. Maarten remains outstanding in the midst of larger countries. “We have, and still will, accomplish great things. New challenges are sure; nevertheless, we will meet those challenges with enthusiasm and determination to overcome.”

She urged the people of St. Maarten to aspire to be positive in mind, heart and sprit and to let each challenge “bring us closer together. Do not hesitate to step up to our individual responsibility, to help make the difference.”

“As we work together to lift St. Maarten to greater heights, I am certain that the experience will generate great satisfaction and splendor. I invite God’s presence to grace us into the future days of this New Year and beyond. Into his hands, we commit our families and ourselves, for blessings of bountiful virtues On behalf of the Ministry of Education, Culture Youth, Sports, and the Ministry of VSA, have a Happy and prosperous New Year,” the Minister concluded.