Man found dead in Upper Princess Quarter

In the early hours of Wednesday December 31st around 2 a.m. a witness reported that a 72-year old man was found wounded in the bedroom of his house in Upper Princess Quarter. Several police officers and paramedics immediately rushed to the scene and started CPR with the victim. Around 0400 a.m. the man was pronounced dead by the medical doctor.
Employees of the Forensic Department were called to the scene to collect evidence, and detectives started talking to the witnesses that were present in the house at the time.
At this time the investigation is ongoing and for now this is the only information that’s available. If anybody has got any information about this case, even if it seems very little, please contact us on 542 2222 and ask for the detective department. You can also come to the police station to talk in person to one of the detectives that’s handling this case. If you want to share your information anonymously, you can call our tip line on 9300.