Maho Group pays bonuses in US $5 bills, tagged to cool ‘TrackMe’ contest  

All employees of The Maho Group and Sonesta Resorts Sint Maarten received their year-end bonus in US $5 bills, which were stamped with the group’s logo and a special “track me” website address as part of a fun and rewarding contest.
All employees have already registered their bills at for a chance to win a number of cool monthly prizes. The US $5 bill will enter circulation as employees spend them. Anyone on Sint Maarten or elsewhere in the world who are lucky enough to get their hands on one of the specially marked bills can visit the website and enter to also win prizes.
Enter the bill’s serial numbers and where you received the bill on the website to automatically enroll in the monthly raffles to win one of the amazing prizes such as being treated like a royalty at the beautiful Ocean Point Resort for a memorable evening or a romantic dinner under the stars on the beach with your partner. Entrants will also have to provide their name and e-mail address.
Bill tracking is open to everyone who receives stamped bills. People who pay for goods and services with the bills can point out the stamp and ask others to register them again for their chance to win one of the great prizes.
The Maho Group will continue the project by handing out stamped bills as change in its resorts and casinos.
Once non-employees submit the number of their bill, they are redirected to the Maho Real Estate website or the Sonesta Sint Maarten website depending on their choice. This is a new creative and interactive way The Maho Group and Sonesta Resorts Sint Maarten has embarked on to promote Sint Maarten as a premier destination in the Caribbean and its resorts as the top pick for vacationers.
A total of 12,000 of the stamped US $5 bills will be in circulation. Watch your money to find your chance to enter the contest.