Fire Department issues guidelines for fireworks

The Fire Department has granted permits to Firefly Fireworks allowing them to import, transport and sell consumer fireworks.
Sales will start from the 29th until the 31st of December 2014. The permits were granted based upon the Vuurwerkbesluit AB2000, which regulates the import, storage, transport and selling of consumer fireworks.
The Fire Department granted three permits for public firework displays. The displays will take place at approximately midnight -00:00 hours at Great Bay, Maho and Indigo Bay.
The Fire Department together with the Police, Customs and the Coastguard will be vigilant to ensure that all Firework activities at the closing of 2014 are according to the granted permits and used in a safe manner.
Use caution when lighting consumer fireworks:
–      Read the instructions and warnings before usage. The vendor will share these to all customers.
–      Protect yourself and those around you. Wear proper eye protection and clothing; also keep the fireworks at a safe distance from flammable material and spectators.
–      Only use fireworks as intended. Don’t try to alter them, combine them or relight after failure.
–      Choose an open area away from gas stations, bulk stations, churches, hospitals and old people homes.
–      Think on your pets.

In the event that someone gets burnt apply cold water to minimize the damage to tissue and seek immediate medical attention by calling the Emergency Medical Services 912.  In the event of a fire emergency, you can reach the Fire Department by dialling 919.
The Fire Department would like to thank each and everybody for their cooperation in upholding the safety regulations on Sint Maarten over the years. The Fire Department wishes you a healthy and safe 2015.