Inspectorate of Economic Affairs Announces Inspection of Motor Vehicles Providing Public Transportation Services

The Inspectorate of Economic Affairs of Ministry Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunications (TEATT) would like to inform holders of  bus, taxi, tours (T-plates) and unscheduled transportation (G- plates) permits of its intention to reconvene the inspection of motor vehicles providing public transportation services for the year 2015.
Public transportation falls under the responsibility of the Inspectorate of Economic Affairs according to article 14 of the national decree on general measures for the further development and elaboration of the Ministry of TEATT (Organisatiebesluit TEZVT).
The legal competence to conduct this inspection is laid down in the National Decree on Public Transportation AB 1970, no.4, which states that a motor vehicle shall not be used by a permit holder, or after it has undergone a change/repair be put back into service, before being examined and approved by a designated inspection authority appointed by the Minister of TEATT.
The inspection will check that permit holders meet several key requirements like; third party liability insurance which should be a minimum of Naf 20,000 in case of death or bodily injury to a person, minimum Naf 5,000 for third party damage or loss and at least Naf 55,000 per event.
For passenger liability insurance coverage should be for an amount of at least Naf 5,000 per person for death or injury. The vehicle should be in good technical and sanitary condition; all seats must be in good working order and permanently attached to the vehicle.
All motor vehicle windows must be made of safety-glass, the spare tire and tools must be present in the vehicle and in good condition to allow a change of the tire. The motor vehicle must have a fully charged fire extinguisher (valid inspection date) and a First Aid kit.
The motor vehicle will have to successfully pass the inspection in order for the permit holder to receive a letter of confirmation which will be necessary to pick up the 2015 license plate from the Receiver’s Office.

Inspections will be done at the parking lot behind the new Government Administration Building on Pond Island 8.30AM to 3.00PM, Monday thru Friday.

The Inspectorate advises all permit holders to contact the office at 542-4509/4511 or stop by Tamarindesteeg #16, (The Yellow Building) to arrange your inspection date and time.