Christmas greetings to the greatest little country in the world

My Fellow Citizens,
I extend to you warm greetings at this very special time of year.
I think I speak for many on St. Maarten when I ask a somewhat rhetorical question: Don’t you just love a St. Maarten Christmas? We have so many proud traditions we follow for the season it makes you long for Christmas morning when we look ahead to a full day of God, family, friends, reflection and hope.
This is the time of year when families near and far gather to celebrate and share their experiences of the past year in an atmosphere of joy and when neighbors come together in a spirit of friendliness, peace and unity.
This is also the season when we are reminded that in spite of the general feeling of goodwill, there are persons among us who, for many reasons and circumstances, are unable to participate in any festivities or fellowship. Some are facing loss, others are facing hard times, several are separated from loved ones by distance, while others are facing daunting challenges.
It is therefore very heartwarming to witness the outpouring of love and the amount of giving that we’ve witnessed from those who can and who have to those who can’t and don’t have as much. I encourage everyone to recognize the very real needs that exist in our communities and look for opportunities to serve those around us. This good will toward our fellow man can go a long way toward making our country a better place to live, and this gift to another pays dividends in our own lives.
From government’s point of view, I want to take the opportunity to repeat a statement I made at the swearing in of my cabinet. It seems fitting at Christmas time to stress that St. Maarten, at this stage in its development, needs tranquility, stability and civility which will lead to prosperity. We practice at least two of those traits during the holiday season. We need all of them to carry over into the new years and beyond so that our country may enjoy growth and prosperity.
We face many challenges in 2015. I believe that the people of St. Maarten can overcome these challenges. This island has been blessed. We are rich in diversity, resiliency and rich in people. I hope that we can all work together in 2015 for the greater good of this greatest little country in the world.
From my family, my staff and the Government of St. Maarten I wish one and all a very merry and enjoyable Christmas. May God bless you, guide you and grant you great health and may God keep St. Maarten in his good graces forever.

Marcel F.A. Gumbs
Prime Minister of St. Maarten