Greetings Beloved,

This note is to inform you that there will be an emergency town hall meeting today Monday December 22 at the St. Peters Community Center at 6pm to discuss the recent harassment of a teenage girl buy a local bus driver.


on Thursday my daughter was held against her will as the busdriver refused to stop for her to get out until my minor daughter would gave him her telephone number he did not pick up any more passengers because he was busy trying to reach back and get her number when he finally stopped turned his bus to follow her .

Bus Driver of the gray bus with number plate 147 you messed with the wrong child and if you think that mother you had the encounter with will let you get away with traumatizing my daughter you are sadly mistaken Our laws don’t protect our children so that is why pedophiles rain supreme in St. Maarten. Today it ends I will petition every organization here and abroad to first establish laws and articles to stop this abuse . Step one any one having had similar experience with this particular or any bus driver post here: collection of Data .

The police said there is no article that protects my child she went in the bus really . I could not even get his official name because he was arrested and let go and his name cant be given to me unless I get a lawyer to request it. really. Step two a petition has started look out for it and sign it . today is my child tomorrow might be yours. Bus driver of 147 gray bus enroute to St. Peters. You may have done this before but wrong intended victim. SHE IS OUR CHILD .(source: http://sxmgovernment.com/)