USFOL Volunteers Share the Holiday Spirit

In the spirit of the holiday season U.S. Forward Operating Location (USFOL) volunteers
participated in various community building projects.
Volunteers painted the exterior of the Encilia Halfway House during a visit on December 2,
2014, and met with Encilia children and staff. Eight volunteers from the USFOL spent three
hours painting and cleaning the facility, which provides a safe, temporary environment for
children in transition who are struggling with a variety of social and behavioral challenges.
Children from the Fuik Children’s Center embraced a volunteer from the USFOL during their
annual Sinterklaas Celebration December 4, 2014. Eight volunteers from the USFOL visited
the children and staff at the center to decorate and assist with face painting.
USFOL and Fundashon Sentro di Dama (SEDA) volunteers painted the exterior and cleaned
the yard of a community center on December 9, 2014. SEDA is a non-profit organization that
supports women, children, and teens in crisis through a variety of outreach projects. The
USFOL volunteers partnered with SEDA to refurbish the community center and revive the
The USFOL team continues to be involved in activities in the community in which they live, and
express their gratitude for the hospitality they receive from the citizens of Curacao.