Ministry of Public Housing, Environment, Spatial Development and Infrastructure (VROMI) conducted an island wide road assessment for scheduled patchworks, which commenced on Monday, December 15th and will continue through December 19th from 8PM to 5AM daily, weather permitting.
“The assessment was conducted specifically concentrating on potholes on main roads and secondary roads, with intention of completion prior to the holiday season next week, and the patch works will start from Lowlands and end in Philipsburg”, stated Project Leader Lia, Dania.
Pending roads include Lowlands, Airport Boulevard, Cole Bay – Welfare Road, Well Road and Union Road, Arlette Peters Road, L.B. Scott Road, Gladiola Road, Coralita Road, Bush Road, Zagersgut Road, A. Th. Illidge Road – after flood gates, Long Wall Road, Cannegieter Street, Sucker Garden Road, Sucker garden road//Middle region, Hulda B. Richardson Road, A. Th. Illidge Road, Dutch quarter, Arch Road and Walter Nisbeth Road.
The supporting schedule is as follows. December 16: Beacon Hill Road, Airport Road, Welfare Road, Union Road, Port De Plaisance, December 18: L.B. Scott Road, Bush Road, Zagersgut Lane, A.Th. Illidge Road, Long Wall Road, Cannegieter Street, Walter Nisbeth Road, Sucker Garden Road, Hulda B. Richardson Road. A. Th. Illidge Road/Dutch Quarter, Arch Road, and Low Lands.
Motorists and residents are requested to be vigilant and pay keen attention while driving in the area, or use alternative routes if possible.

Ministry VROMI apologizes for any inconvenience that this may cause.