Traffic measures

The Department of VROMI in collaboration with the Police Department is making the following traffic measure known:
In connection with the very busy Christmas Holiday season and the serious traffic congestion this causes during this time, it was decided that as of Wednesday December 17th 2014 the Ring road will be used as an alternative route/lane to leave the Philipsburg area. This lane will start in the vicinity of the “Salt Pickers Round-a-bout” and end at “Air Lekker Bek”. This lane will be a “one way” lane leading out of the Philipsburg area. Traffic coming into the Philipsburg area will not be allowed to use this lane.
Parking will not be allowed on this lane. Other measures have been taken to create parking possibilities. This measure was taken to facilitate the traffic leaving the Philipsburg area.
All drivers are cautioned to take good note of this traffic measure and to give the necessary cooperation.