As part of the continuing efforts to provide a safe environment for holiday shoppers the Police Force of Sint Maarten has commenced their annual Holiday Task Force initiative and  is without any doubt doing its utmost, to protect you, your family and your property, in combating crime and criminals. The Public Relation Office of the Sint Maarten Police Force is therefore offering the entire community, the following safety tips, to help them prepare against crime.

Remember the 3 A’s of Crime Prevention

  1. Be Aware of your surroundings at all times.
  2. Be Alert to suspicious people and vehicles.
  3. Avoid dangerous situations.

      If you are out for the evening:

–         Turn on lights, radio or television so that it looks like some-one is at home.

–         Lock all doors and windows well, even if you are just leaving for a few minutes.

–         Don’t display items where they can be seen from the outside.

–         Don’t Shop Alone. It’s important to shop with a buddy; an extra pair of eyes helps.

–         Park your car in a well-lit area and make sure all windows, sunroof and     

           doors are locked. If using an SUV Cover your gifts in your vehicle with a




Avoid carrying a large amount of cash. Don’t flash cash around and carry it  in a safe place on you.

–          If you have to use the ATM-machine, pay close attention to suspicious     

      persons hanging around the machine. If that’s the case pass up that                                       

      machine and find another.

–         Carry all wallets in the front pockets and carry purses close to your body.

–         Keep your children close to you while attending any activities and don’t let them get separated from you.

–         Pay attention to persons walking in front and behind you. (Especially in crowded places favorable for pickpockets)

–         When returning to your vehicle or your home, have your keys in your hands ready to open the door.

–         Before entering your vehicle, check front and rear and seats for any one that may be hiding there. Lock doors immediately after entering.

      –    Ask your neighbor to keep a watchful eye out for you.

      –    Drinking and driving is a danger to everyone. Remember that the risks of                     

           drinking and driving are not worth it. If you choose to drink, don’t drive.       

            Make use of a designated driver or public transportation. (Taxi or bus)

            Make sure that you know where your kids are at all times and that they    

            are safe.


Most of all on behalf of the Police force of Sint Maarten, through the Public Relation Office, “We wish the entire community of Sint Maarten and it’s visitors  a very safe and meaningful Holiday Season.”