Theatrical Production “One of My Sons Is Missing At the National Institute of Arts Produced by Sunshine Theatre Foundation

On Friday December 19 and Saturday December 20, the National Institute of Arts presents The Sunshine Theatre production of “One of my sons is Missing” a classic Caribbean production written by Godfreyd Sealey about the Pandemic HIV and AIDS. Now in its 20th year, noted theatrical director Felix Fleming of the Sunshine Theatre Company Foundation is once again revisiting the Play.

According to Director Felix Fleming, “One of my sons is Missing” is still relevant today to keep the community aware of HIV and AIDS. Although Technology and medical break through in the treatment of HIV and AIDS, prolonging life and brings a better quality of life those affected, the human factor is something that still needs to be addressed. HIV and AIDS is rampant in Africa and still affect the Caribbean community. “ “and Still people are afraid to talk about it” Says Mr. Fleming.

“One of My sons is missing” features a combined cast of Performers from Anguilla and St.Maarten. Award winning Actors Jesus Richardson and Marco Wattley, both recipients of the Sunshine Theater Arts and Culture award, round out the St.Maarten cast.

The play will run on Friday December 19 at 8pm and Saturday December 20 at 8pm at the National Institute of Arts located at the John Larmonie Center in Philipsburg.

Tickets can be purchased at Vandorp Edine at both Locational, T’ Closet, and at the National Institute of Arts.

For more information and bookings please call 1-721-553-0564