Minister Richardson International Civil Aviation Day Message

Minister Ted Richardson  would like to wish all those working in the civil aviation sector a happy International Civil Aviation Day, Sunday, December 07.

The theme for the internationally observed day is “Promoting global friendship and understanding.”

The ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) is also marking its 70th anniversary (1944-2014) under the banner – Cooperating on Global Aviation Progress: Celebrating 70 years of the Chicago Convention.

In 1944, delegates from 54 nations gathered in Chicago, US at the invitation of the United States of America.  At the event, participants concluded and signed the Convention on International Civil Aviation, also know more popularly as the ‘Chicago Convention,’ the defining international agreement which has since permitted the global civil aviation system to develop peacefully and in a manner benefitting all peoples and nations of the world.

Currently 30 million flights are flown annually and this will grow to 60 million over the next 16 years, while the total number of passengers served will rise to six (6) billion from today’s three (3) billion.

“I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate ICAO on its 70th anniversary, and all those working in civil aviation, control tower, airport, airlines, other aviation oriented companies, and the Department of Civil Aviation, Shipping & Maritime Affairs, for their professionalism and dedication to the sector.  Our country’s tourism sector is dependent on civil aviation, and for each role that each stakeholder plays.

“Each and every person working in the aviation sector, from the airport to the companies that provide services to the airport, the civil aviation department, to airlines and other aspects of civil aviation, you all have done a great job and continue to do so on a daily basis.  Thank you for a job well done,” Minister Hon. Ted Richardson said on Sunday.

The ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) is a United Nations (UN) body that takes care of the standards to be maintained in the civil aviation industry.  ICAO was formed in the year 1944.  The first civil aviation day was observed in the year 1994 on 7th December as a mark of 50+ years since the founding.

ICAO takes care of the standards and safety measures to be followed for civil aviation industry in the world.  ICAO services as the global forum for its 191 Member States.