Minister of Justice Richardson witnesses swearing in of four new detectives

On December 3rd four detectives took the oath to join the National Detective Service of country Sint Maarten’s Police Force.
Minister of Justice Hon. Dennis Richardson witnessed the oath-taking ceremony.
The ceremony was performed by the Acting Secretary General of the Ministry of Justice Drs. U. Aron.
The four detectives are specialists in various areas: two tactical; one financial; one coordinator operational affairs.  This brings the complement of detectives to 12 within the Police Force of Sint Maarten.  The service has been growing since 2010.
The Ministry of Justice expects to have the detective service of country Sint Maarten up to full capacity in 2015 with eight additional members.
“The countries judicial and law enforcement system is not sitting by.  We are moving forward and have been doing so since the achievement of country status in October 2010.  We have our own plan of action where we would like to have our different agencies manpower at a level where they can function effectively and efficiently and we are making progress and this oath-taking ceremony was a concrete step in our fight against crime,” Minister of Justice Hon. Dennis Richardson said on Friday.