Staff and Management of the Inspectorate of Economic Affairs Successfully Complete Training on Weights and Measures

Staff and management of the Inspectorate of Economic Affairs of Ministry of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport & Telecommunications (Ministry TEATT), attended and successfully completed training on Weights and Measures from November 17th through 21st held in St. Maarten.

The training facilitator was Ronny Cornelis, Head of Economic Affairs Department of the Ministry of Economic Development in Curacao.

The purpose of the training was to update both new and experienced staff members on developments within the field of weights and measures.

Personnel from various Sections in the Department followed the training. This is part of a new strategy of the Inspectorate whereby people from different areas of the department work together as part of a cross-functional team.

The training had been in the department planning for some time but with the support of Minister of TEATT Hon. Ted Richardson, it was finally approved.

The training focused on ensuring practical as well as theoretical knowledge of the Federal Calibration Ordinance of April 4, 1956; enacting provisions on the sizes, weights, measuring and weighing instruments.

Of particular interest to the general public is article 8 of this ordinance which states that “it is forbidden to sell, buy or market goods by size or weight in anyway other than by net size or net weight (packaging must be excluded when pricing goods by weight or size).

The practical part of the training included visiting various pharmacies, gas stations and supermarkets on the Dutch side and ensuring that their scales and pumps were calibrated properly.

In the coming months, the Inspectorate will be executing controls on businesses that make use of measures and weights. The Inspectorate’s mission is to promote equity and fairness of St. Maarten commerce involving weighing or measuring for commercial purposes by regulating and supporting businesses in a manner that protects both the buyers and sellers interests.