Minister Lake says Belair Pond Storm Drain Clearance Progressing Well. Nature Foundation monitoring and assisting

Minister of Public Housing, Environment, Spatial Planning and Infrastructure (Ministry VROMI) Hon. Maurice Lake says the current activities at the Belair Pond are related to the clearance of the storm drain channel and mouth area into the pond.  The mouth of the drain channel became overgrown with brush as well as clogged with debris and garbage.

Nature Foundation is observing the activities and is assisting with the removal of bird nests in that particular area where the drainage channel to the Pond is located.  So far eight birds’ nests have been removed to another location until the trench is cleared.

“Ministry VROMI involves the Nature Foundation in any of its works in order to get the environmental organizations expertise on the issue along with advice prior to any works being carried out.  The ministry and the foundation have a very good working relationship.

“The clearing works being carried out is a preventive measure with respect to storm water flooding.  The mouth exit of the drainage trench into the Belair Pond needs to be free of any obstructions in order to ensure the free movement of storm water.  If that is not the case, the water will move elsewhere such as onto the public access road.

“The ministry has an agreement with the Nature Foundation that whatever mangroves are removed from the trench, the foundation will replant along the Belair Pond waterside.  The preventive flooding measures will also ensure that our hospital and surrounding businesses do not risk flooding in the event of heavy rainfall, because there will be no obstructions from preventing the water to flow into the pond,” Minister Hon. Maurice Lake concluded.