The Lab Sports Academy hosted over the weekend of 28th 29th & 30th November the 13th Annual Diamonds International Youth Tennis Tournament & Classic.
Present were a total of 32 participants coming from the various tennis clubs on Dutch and French St. Maarten. This Tournament was a great success and was played over 5 different categories boys and girls. The organizers were very happy to see the comeback of the girls competition.
Results were as following:
Beginners Category Winners: Boys 1. Ejomar Shillingford – 2nd Jerome Ganne de Esch.
3rd Kisherno Webster
Girls: 1. Alexadra Zwanikken 2nd Isa Van Oort.
3rd place Claire Gannede Esch 4th Place Osha Brent.
Under 10 Winners: Girls:1st Aurilie – 2nd Skyler Brent. –
3rd Sage Richardson – 4th Ejanee Shillingford. – 5th Keisha Webster.
Under 13 Winners: Boys 1st Place: Diego Zwanikken – 2nd Moria Smith
3rd Place Julian Van Oort.
Under 17 Winner: Boys 1st Place: Leshawn Brown – 2nd Jason Smith.
Open Classic Class: Winner 1st place Ronny Carty. 2nd Place: Jack Liu.
The 13th Annual Youth Tennis Tournament was very successful. The lab Sports Academy would like to thank Diamonds international especially the representative Mr. Stephan Possemier for Sponsoring this event for the 13th consecutive time. A thank you also goes out to the Cake House Bakery for their support with meals and pastries for the athletes.
The next event to be organized by the Lab Sports Academy will be the Oyster Bay Youth Tennis tournament in January 23rd – 24th & 25th 2015.