Ministry of Public Housing, Environment, Spatial Development and Infrastructure (VROMI) held a public meeting with the residents of Sucker Garden last Friday in efforts of communicating project plans for drainage project, which includes the hard surfacing of Chincactus Road and Chincactus Drive in the Keys.
The ongoing project has started this week and is estimated to be fully completed by late January 2015 (weather permitting), stated Public Works Project Leader, Alfredo Pantophlet, who also noted that the meeting was “well attended” and residents were “thoroughly informed” through presentation and Q&A.
The drainage project will alleviate flooding in the area to an extent and is not to be assumed to prevent flooding, especially in severe inclement weather. Residents were tipped on initiatives that would assist in preventing such circumstances for their neighborhood, such as refraining from disposing of waste in the trenches, which is a contributing factor to prevention of water flow in the low-lying area, with rapid water flow from the hill sides during heavy rain fall.
Pantophlet indicated that the latter doesn’t only apply to persons residing in the keys, but that it is a significant initiative that needs to be exercised by all residents of St. Maarten to alleviate flooding possibilities and encourage community responsibility. 17 nov 14 002