TelEm Group apologize for interruption in internet service Wednesday

TelEm Group has apologized to business and residential customers for an interruption in internet service between 4:00 pm and 8:00 pm Wednesday evening.
Engineers and technicians restored service after a complicated troubleshooting and reconfiguration process that began as soon as service interruptions were reported.
“It took some hours to identify the source of the problem, but once we had isolated that source our engineers were able to follow standard recovery procedures to get customers back online as soon as possible,” said Manager, Planning & Engineering, Mr. Jed Carty.
Mr. Carty said steps are being taken to prevent any repeat of the problem, which affected internet connections throughout the company’s data network, and also affected some voice connections.
He said a more complete report is being prepared for management, a copy of which will also be handed to the Bureau of Telecommunications and Post (St. Maarten).
“On behalf of management and staff we sincerely apologize for the interruption in service Wednesday when our data and voice systems experienced problems and became affected by matters beyond our control,” said Mr. Carty.