Protocols French Dutch territory

On Thursday November 20th, the Honorable Justice Minister of Sint-Maarten, Dennis RICHARDSON and the Prefect, Philippe CHOPIN met at the préfecture in Marigot to discuss certain points relevant to cooperation between both parts of the island.


The following has been discussed in a peaceful and amicable manner:

–                    the need to increase joint controls between the gendarmerie and the police of Sint-Maarten

–                    making arrangements concerning Oyster pond’s situation, pending definite agreements by the competent authorities to clarify the French and Dutch competencies in that area,

–                    the incidents related to the presence of national armed civil servants on both sides of the island


At the end of these constructive exchanges, it has been decided to draft an agreement pertaining to police forces carrying weapons, and one concerning controls in Oyster Pond lagoon, as well access to French territory for controls via Dutch territory and vice versa in order to clarify any ambiguity on these subjects, and continue the partnership and the excellent cooperation between both sides of the island.