Police sub-station for Maho and Low Lands

On Friday November 21st the long awaited police-sub station for the Maho and Low Lands was officially opened. The Minister of Justice Dennis in his opening speech, to those present, explained that he was very proud of the progress of the police force as this event was a very important and historical one for the police force and for the country Sint Maarten. He continued to state that it is very necessary that the area and community of Maho and Lowlands get the same service as the other areas on the island where police sub-stations are located. Opening this sub station brings the police closer to that community and creates a greater sense of safety and security. It will also improve the response time of the police to get to the areas they are needed.
The minister stated that the sub-station will be manned daily with officers from the bike-patrol, officers on Segways , the K-9 Unit along with the Community Officer, inspector Josepha, who is in charge of that area. The minister thanked and congratulated the police management team represented by Chief Commissioner Peter de Witte and Actinch Chief of Police Carl John, USONA represented by Mrs. Dekker who financed the entire project, representatives from the Maho Group of Companies, the Maho and Lowlands Community Council, the vice president of the C.O.P. Rudy Engel, the management of the Medical University and Inspector Josepha for a job well done in making this project a reality.
The police sub-station is located on the ground floor La Terasse in Maho and easy to get to. The sub-station is completely outfitted with all the equipment that is necessary to operate including a temporary holding cell. DSC_0283 DSC_0284 DSC_0285 DSC_0286 DSC_0287 DSC_0289 DSC_0291