Youth Health Care Services at Vineyard Building Closed November 20 and 21. Baby Clinic open Thursday morning only and Closed Friday

The Collective Preventive Services (CPS), a government agency under the Ministry of Public Health, Social Development & Labour, hereby informs clients of Youth Health Care/Baby Clinic that the clinic located at the Vineyard Building in Philipsburg is closed November 20 and 21.

The Baby Clinic located behind the Guardian Group (formerly FATUM) building across from Grand Marche in Cul de Sac will only be open in the morning hours of Thursday, November 20.  The clinic will be closed Thursday afternoon and the entire day Friday, November 21.

Parents can call for an appointment, including those of newborns. For information and appointments at the Baby Clinic, call: 543-0295.

To make an appointment for children aged 4 and up at the Vineyard Building, you can call 542-3003.