34 Graduate in the areas of Customs, Immigration and Border Protection and Auxiliary Officers

On Tuesday November 18, 2014 the Minister of Justice Hon. Dennis Richardson officiated the swearing in and graduation ceremonies of 13 Customs Officers, 15 Immigration and Border Protection Officers and six (6) Auxiliary officers from various governmental departments.

The ceremonies were witnessed by the Prime Minister, the Hon.  Sarah Westcott-Williams, the Attorney General, Taco Stein, Interim Secretary General of Justice, Udo Aron, Department Heads of the various Justice departments, department heads of the graduating auxiliary officers, friends and family members of the graduating class of 2014.

In his presentation the Minister of Justice Hon. Dennis Richardson congratulated all graduates and admonished them to carry out their duties in honour and humility while respecting the uniform.

The Minister further instructed them to carry out their duties in the service of the people of Sint Maarten, and by extension the government and the Ministry of Justice while reminding them to operate within the confines of the law using persuasion and respectful approach.

He thanked the Justice Academy for the successful training of to date, 135 cadets within the Justice Chain of law enforcement. Furthermore through these endeavours since 10.10.10, the Justice sector has been able to offer considerable job opportunities to the young people of Sint Maarten.

The Academy was represented by Board members Miguel de Weever and Ademar Doran, the coordinator of the Academy, Richard Straker, staff members and several trainers.

During the ceremonies the art of self- defence was demonstrated by the cadets under supervision of Instructor A. Bell. Swimming instructor Franklyn Carty was also in attendance.

Following the ceremony, all graduates were congratulated by those in attendance in an informal reception held at the Belair Community Centre.