Changes in Healthcare Insurance Claims Regulation as per 1 January 2015

The BES Healthcare Insurance Claims Regulation (Regeling Aanspraken Zorgverzekering BES (RAZ BES)) stipulates which healthcare claims are included in the BES healthcare claims package. In other words: what can be reimbursed by the healthcare insurance. As per 1 January 2015 the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport has implemented several changes regarding the reimbursement for dental care, orthodontics, physiotherapy and exercise therapy, and in the screening program for newborns.
What will change?
The neonatal screening for newborns (the heel prick) will be introduced.
As regards dental care, orthodontics and physiotherapy and exercise therapy, several treatments and activities will no longer be reimbursed.

For children up to and including the age of 17:
• Orthodontic costs will no longer be reimbursed; for children who already are under treatment a phasing out arrangement applies.
• No changes concerning the reimbursement of physiotherapy and dental care.

For adults of 18 years and older:
• The once only periodic preventive dental examination and treatment will no longer be reimbursed.
• Physiotherapy will only be reimbursed starting from the 21st treatment if you have a medical recommendation for a chronic disorder. The chronic list has been determined by the minister and can be found on op . For people whom already are under treatment with a medical recommendation for a chronic disorder there is a phasing out arrangement and the treatment continues to be reimbursed in full.

Please visit for comprehensive information.
Insured persons can also apply to the healthcare providers and the Healthcare Insurance Office for information about these changes in the healthcare claims package.