OASIS Games Introduction Workshop

An Oasis Games introduction workshop will take place on Friday, November 14 from 9.00am to 5.00pm at the Dutch Quarter Community Center. Community leaders, civic groups, Community Councils, and other interested persons are invited to the free workshop.
Workshop attendees will learn about the seven step Oasis Game philosophy.
To realize an Oasis Game, energetic and inspiring volunteers are invited to attend the aforementioned.

Community members from Dutch Quarter who want to work for their own community are also invited to the meeting.

Volunteers from other communities, who would like to learn how to prepare and organize an Oasis game for their own community, are more than welcome. Help your community, learn and have a lot of fun!
In 2012 an Oasis Game was organized in Dutch Quarter by Niels Koldewijn from Elos Netherlands and Kurt Schoop from Oasis Caribe Movement.
The Oasis game originates from the favelas in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Oasis games have been organized on Curacao and Bonaire.

An Oasis game is filled with games, dance and surprising activities. An Oasis game is an event for community members to make their dreams come true. By realizing their dreams, they also raise their capacity to help themselves in a better way and to connect them with their fellow community members.

During the Oasis Game in Dutch Quarter two years ago, community members were encouraged to express their dreams for their community. The second weekend, the community members start working together to realize one of their dreams.

The Oasis Games presents techniques that can be utilized for the positive development of society.

For more information email: in**@oa*****************.com or go to the Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/oasiscaribemovement