Man shot in Cape Bay.

On Sunday November 9th at approximately 05.05 a.m. a Simpson Bay police patrol was sent to Cape Bay road for a shooting. On the scene the investigating officers spoke to a witness who directed the officers to the victim. The victim was found at his home, which is also located on the Cape Bay road. The victim was bleeding from a gunshot wound to his right shoulder from which he was bleeding. The victim stated that while he and his girlfriend were walking towards his home, he heard what sounded like a gunshot behind him. When he turned around, he saw an unknown man dressed completely in dark clothing and a ski-mask over his head with a gun in his hand running towards them. Fearing for their lives he and his girlfriend took off running in the direction of his home. The victim further stated that while running he heard numerous shots being fired off, one of which hit him in his right shoulder. The victim also stated that he could not identify the person who shot at him and his girlfriend. The paramedics treated the victim on the scene and then transported him to the Sint Maarten Medical Center for further treatment. During the investigation on the scene by the Forensic Department numerous bullet shells were found and several parked vehicles were damaged by the bullets that were fired. This case is under investigation by the Detective department. Anyone who mat have information that could shed some light on this investigation, are asked to get in contact with police department via telephone number 54-22222 ext. 223, 224 or the tip line 9300.