Post Office Director Antonia Wilson marks 35 years of dedicated service to St. Maarten

Management and staff of Postal Services St. Maarten (PSS N.V.) sprung a 35th Anniversary Day surprise for Interim Director, Ms. Antonia Wilson, at the main post office branch Tuesday.
Saba-born, Ms. Wilson, has been an integral part of postal services on St. Maarten ever since she joined the forerunner to the present company, on 1st November 1979 .

During her 35 years in service she has been recognized for her dedication with several promotions, the latest being Retail Director of the Windward Island for Nieuwe Post Netherland Antilles (NPNA).
Manager, Commercial and Business Development, Ms. Zaira Paulo, said managers and staff surprised Ms. Wilson with a presentation and a cake to mark her remarkable achievement, and also as a way of recognizing a “great leader”.
“The celebration was well-deserved and our staff, along with the Supervisory Board of Directors were pleased to make this a special day for Ms. Wilson,” continued Ms. Paulo.
She described Ms. Wilson as being very experienced in the work executed by the Post Office on St. Maarten with first-hand knowledge of how the service has been developed over the years.
“We count on Ms. Wilson’s knowledge and experience to develop the modern services that new postal authority for St. Maarten has to offer and we look forward to many more years with us,” said Ms. Paulo.
She described the PSS N.V. Interim Managing Director as a firm but fair personality who only wants what is best for her staff and strives at all times to provide the best postal service for St. Maarten.
Ms. Paulo said this week has in fact been a week of celebration for a number of postal service employees who are also marking Silver and Jade anniversaries in service. Among these are our colleagues Kevin Gumbs (29 years), Rita Pantophlet and B. Monson (25 years) and Mr. Rombley (25 years), who will all be officially honored in the week upcoming.
Interim Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Directors, Mr. Stuart Johnson, congratulated Ms. Wilson on achieving a milestone in St. Maarten’s postal service, noting that another Saba national, Mr. Will Johnson, had also played an important part in the early development of postal services on St. Maarten when he also worked in the postal service here.
“Ms. Wilson has come a long way and although I have known her to shy away from the spotlight whenever she can, on this occasion I would encourage her to take a well-deserved bow for a long dedicated service thus far, with much more still to give,” said the Supervisory Board Chairman.
He said it is a pleasure working with Ms. Wilson, noting that her dedication to PSS should serve as an example to many individuals, especially the staff of PSS.”
Before cutting her anniversary cake, Ms. Wilson thanked God for her blessing, her family for the great support, her staff for their kind gesture and also members of the public and customers who have sent messages of good wishes – including former postal workers who are now retired.

“I have experienced a lot in the 35 years and my working colleagues are as close to me as my own family, because we spend so many working days together,” said Ms. Wilson.
She said the new postal authority on St. Maarten has set itself on a path to modernize its services in the face of increased competition from the internet and a global change in traditional postal business.
“In the short time I have been interim managing director we have opened two new branches and with some of the new services we are offering our customers, I believe we are moving in the right direction.
“There is a still a lot of work to be done and I promise to continue to work tirelessly to build good strategic relations with our business clients and excellent relations with the general public to show that our post offices are still relevant so that our younger members of staff can also celebrate 35 years when their time comes around,” said Ms. Wilson.
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