Keep bringing in your (illegal) fire arms

Citizens of Sint Maarten remembered the message from Minister Dennis Richardson that the ‘Stop, Drop and Go’-project continues until November 14th. On Monday afternoon November 3rd the total amount of weapons that were surrendered increased to 54 without the fear of being prosecuted for possessing them.

During the day the employees of the Attorney General’s Office also discovered that an unknown person left a large amount of ammunition on the stairs of the ‘Puerta del Sol Plaza’ building. People are also very welcome to hand in ammunition, but preferably not by just leaving it on the stairs. This obviously could cause dangerous situations. The best way to hand in fire arms or ammunition is to put the goods in a brown paper bag and transport them in a plastic bag. If anyone  has any questions about the project or how to hand in (illegal) fire arms, they call the free Tel-Em ‘Stop, Drop and Go’ information line on #5444 808.

This information number is not the same as the ‘Stop, Drop and Go’ tip line, on which you have the opportunity to (anonymously) report someone who owns (an) illegal fire arm(s). The number of the ‘Stop, Drop and Go’ tip line is #9300. If your tip leads to locating an illegal fire arm, you will receive a financial compensation.