A meeting has been held on October 28, 2014 between representatives of Alegria, the new owner of the properties formerly known as the Caravanserai Beach Resort, the Sint Maarten Timeshare Association (SMTA) and the Minister of Economic Affairs, Tourism, Telecommunications and Transportation, Mr. Ted Richardson and his Cabinet. The meeting was held at the request of the Minister who took the initiative in finding a solution to the timeshare situation at the former Caravanserai Beach Resort.
The parties discussed that while the development plans for the new resort are still in the works, Alegria was gracious enough to extend and offer to the previous time share owners the use of the resort, its facilities and all its benefits exactly as they were accustomed to. Effectively, the timeshare owners will not notice any changes whatsoever in the use of the resort and its facilities for the same annual maintenance fees as previously paid.
In addition, Alegria and the SMTA have mutually agreed to work in close collaboration in providing the timeshare owners with opportunities in multiple alternate timeshare facilities across Sint Maarten once Alegria will commence with the development of its new resort.
Representatives of Alegria committed it was the utmost priority to timeshare owners to have the least amount of interruption as possible.
According to Alegria and the SMTA, the Minister played a pivotal role in finding common ground between the parties and greatly appreciated his efforts as well of those of Mr. Ouenniche. “This solution creates a win-win for all parties involved”, stated the Minister. “What I care the most about is people who invested in the island and will invest in the future, developers and timeshare owners alike. People who call Sint Maarten their second home should be able to continue enjoying our friendly island. I am glad that Alegria and the SMTA were able to come to a happy medium that is in the interest of our island and its economy and I am optimistic about the future developments in tourism and the economic growth generated thereby”, the Minister concluded.