DEI Present Newly Developed CAF Curriculum

Late last year, DEI launched the Cultural Artistic Formation (CAF) adaptation project which entailed the development of lesson plans that reflect the local situation . Imbrace Group LLC was contracted to steer the project, assemble a curriculum writing team and work with the writing team to develop the materials. The need for this project was identified in a retraining trajectory where it became evident that there were no existing materials for CAF that reflect our local situation.

The new CAF curriculum promotes knowledge and understanding of the historical and cultural contexts of the arts within St. Maarten as well as the Caribbean and the global community. The presentation held to unveil the new curriculum (which was given by Imbrace Group) gave the CAF teachers and ministry representatives an insight into the new curriculum. School representatives were also presented with a hard copy of the curriculum. The presentation was packed with cultural activities which included demonstration on drums, listening to Tanny and the Boys, a skit by Dorothy Richardson and a mini dance lesson  on how to do the Ponum Dance.

Cultural Artistic Formation (CAF) is a subject in the secondary vocational schools (PBL, PKL and TKL streams) which is followed third and fourth year students. It comprises of art forms such as visual arts, dance, music, dance, drama and architecture. The entire project and presentation were made possible by Dutch Development funds made available by Usona. For more information, please feel free to contact DEI at 542-4594.