PSS N.V. sees great future in Personalized stamps for visitors and residents of Country St. Maarten

PSS N.V. says personalized stamps can be a fun and unique way to capture unique moments and communicate them not only within the St. Maarten community, but also around the world via traditional postal systems.

Postal Services St. Maarten (PSS) N.V. is encouraged by early interest in the launch of personalized stamps for visiting and residential customers.

The personalized stamps service was officially launched at the A.C. Wathey Cruise & Cargo Facilities on October 17, 2014 along with the official opening of a new post office location at the Harbour.

To mark the occasion, PSS staff produced a series of personalized stamps for their invited guests during the opening ceremonies to demonstrate how quickly and easily a sheet of official stamps can be produced and instantly make use of an historic moment.

According to PSS N.V. Supervisory Board Interim Chairman, Mr. Stuart Johnson, the new personalized stamps not only bodes well for the future services of the Post Office, but also for Country St. Maarten itself, the management and support staff of the PSS.

Addressing invited guests during the opening ceremony, Mr. Johnson said the occasion was in fact a milestone that should go on the record books as a great achievement because, “ a company that now belongs to St. Maarten is making a giant leap forward and will show that, not only has postal services grown and is growing, but that its name and its product will continue to grow district by district, main port of entry by main port of entry.

Mr. Johnson said management and staff of PSS N.V. should feel encouraged and proud of the interest already being shown by an imaginative public to the personalized stamp issues, since they can be used personally and commercially to great effect.

“Adding this kind of service to our already existing services at a time when our good friend hurricane Gonzalo has passed, and a few days after such devastation has taken place in our country, again reinforces our commitment to our country and its future, said Mr. Johnson.

“The hard-working Post Office team have shown no better colors than the red, white and blue surrounding the opening and featured in the new location, signifying the nationalistic pride we have for Country, as this Post Office belongs to St. Maarten.

“The Pelican, soaring right about our heads, in the logo of Postal Services St. Maarten, is again testimony that this is your Country St. Maarten, and that we can be very proud of our accomplishments at PSS,” continued Mr. Johnson.

CEO, Harbour Goup of Companies, Mr. Mark Mingo, sees the personalized stamps sales of the new post office location as an exciting feature for cruise ship passengers who want to send a cheap memento of their trip to friends and relatives back home.

“I have spoken with PSS about a specially built post office location in the design of an historic post office building that we can put in a more prominent location some time in the future. This will make the services the PSS offers to our cruise ship visitors even more special and exciting,” said Mr. Mingo.

PSS N.V. Commercial and Business Development Manager Ms. Zaira Paulo, said local promotion of personalized stamps for use by businesses, organizations and members of the public on St. Maarten.St/Martin will soon begin at other Post office locations in Philipsburg and Simpson Bay, with huge promotions planned for the run-up to Christmas.

“We are very excited about the potential of personalized stamp sales, not only to our visitors, but also to our residential customers, because these issues are fun to have and can set your organization or company apart from others,” said Ms. Paulo.

She said the personalized stamps are available in sheets of six (6) or ten (10).
For more information about purchasing personalize stamps from the Postal Services St. Maarten N.V., call + (1721) 542-2289.