Police sends serious message to parents

Recently the police department has been receiving numerous phone calls regarding students who see it fit to throw eggs at each other, mostly after school hours. This irresponsible and dangerous act takes place every year around the Halloween period, which is celebrated in the month of October. Even though this event is not officially celebrated on the island, several night clubs do organize events in celebration of this America Pass-time. Because of the recent complaints and the past experiences in regard to this issue the police department is making an appeal to all parents, to have a serious talk with their kids concerning this topic. The throwing of eggs can be very dangerous if it hits you in your eyes. The throwing of eggs can also cause serious damage to property and could form a threat to ones health. It is for this reason that the police department is sending a stern warning to all parents informing them, that in the event your child has been involved in the throwing of eggs, which has caused injury to some-one or damage to their property, they as parents will stand completely responsible for all damages their child has caused.