MP Lake said country already has screening and integrity laws. Dutch instruction is part of the hidden agenda to take over Sint Maarten

Member of Parliament Hon. Maurice Lake of the United People’s (UP) Party says the country already has screening laws for candidates proposed to become a member of the Council of Ministers.

“This whole thing is not about that anybody is afraid of being screened. We have nothing to hide. Those who have served within the past four years as Ministers, going back to 2010, 2012 and 2013 and still do so today have passed the screening process to become a minister.

“This shows the system works. We have our own institutions in place that have followed the laws of the land. The Dutch Government has an agenda and the instruction is part of the process to take over the country,” MP Hon. Maurice Lake said on Sunday.

“The first mistake and show of hand by the Dutch Government was when there was no issue several weeks ago when the NA/DP/US coalition was established. When this fell apart, all of a sudden the rules of the game has to be changed. It is very clear what game the Dutch Government is playing, and we will bring forth this to the international community of nations in various forums.


“Holland is just one of over 190 countries around the world. This type of interference is very dangerous. The Dutch Government’s ultimate aim is not just to keep our leader out as Prime minister but to affect the morale of the people. Are we going to see a complete takeover of country Sint Maarten? MP Theo Heyliger is just an excuse for the DUTCH to come in and take over Sint Maarten. If we allow this to happen, this will just be the beginning for the Dutch to take over our beloved Sint Maarten land. I condemn this illegitimate act by the Dutch Government.


“We the people voted by referendum for an autonomous status within the Kingdom. Today, those rights are being taken away by unilateral action, illegal and illegitimate by the Dutch Government. Our constitutional right to vote and elect our own leaders has been brushed aside by the Dutch Government.


“The right to be treated equally, the right to have elections has no meaning. The part of the measure demanding the candidate agree to the screening by the Dutch expert is in violation of our Constitution. No one is obligated by law to give permission to any expert of the Dutch Government to violate the fundamental right as a person protected by article 5 of our Constitution.


“The only way to move forward as a young Country for the next four years is as a united front, and all political parties should stand together and stand up for the best interest of our people and protect our Constitution. If we fail to do so, we are failing our people and generations to come,” MP Hon. Maurice Lake concluded.