CPO takes “Stop, Drop & Go” projects to the streets

On Sunday October 26th a peaceful march that was organized People United for True Democracy took place. This march started at approximately 02.00 p.m. and lasted until 05.00 p.m. The march was attended by approximately two hundred persons and ended in front on the Government Administration building on the Clem Labega Square.

stop drop and go 4


The Community Police Officer/ Inspector Felix Richards used this opportunity and the end of the march to approach the onlookers and the participants attending the march, including prominent politicians such as, Franklin Meyers, Dr. Lloyd Richardson and leader of the UPP-party Theo Heyliger, to participate and support the “Stop, Drop & Go” project which is geared at ridding all illegal fire-arms from the streets on Sint Maarten.

stop drop and go 1


This project has been quite successful thus far with the amount of illegal fire-arms being surrendered. Officer Richards also took this opportunity to encourage those present to get their friends and families to support the project. Officer Richards then went on to distribute the red, white and blue rubber wristband which has become very popular lately to those present, which shows ones support of the “Stop, Drop & Go project”