Script Press Conference MOU St Maarten Home is where I prosper Pre USM Course


The purpose of this press conference is to raise awareness about the trilateral agreement that was signed on February 24th of this year between our respective organizations and aforementioned corporate partners.

This agreement describes the prerequisites of the “work experience program”, for eligible students, and a “work study program”, for employees who are seeking a higher level of education through continuous studying.

Public Private Partnership

This agreement was established in the framework of an initiative of public private partnership.

The St. Maarten home is where is prosper project

This agreement is a continuation of the chambers 2013 vision of home is where i prosper;

This vision has four main objectives for economic development; mainly

Tourism trade policy and education development


This part of the vision focuses on the development of our human capital as it relates to our overall sub hub expansion.

This vision fuses the aspect of our development in terms of trade policy and tourism with the element of education.

Via the work experience program local students will receive the opportunity to develop their competencies as it relates to the present day industry trends of nowadays market.

The vision is focus on creating the environment where adolescents acquire a good and sound education aimed at producing a sound and enhanced workforce, properly develop professionals and the maturation of strong and successful entrepreneurs.

With this vision we are asking the corporate world of St. Maarten to exercise the social corporate responsibility in supporting the aforementioned for the reasons just outlines. Together we can together we will together we are strong.