Update Stop. Drop. Go.

To draw more attention to the project Stop, Drop & Go, last night, Tuesday October 21, 2014, prosecutor Karola van Nie and assistant prosecutor Ludwina Hodge along with Community Police Officers Daryl Chandler and Shawn Crispulo visited the Cay Bay / Cape Bay area. In Cay Bay, they went to talk to residents and distributed flyers, posters and wristbands. The residents of Cay Bay responded, without exception, positive on the project. Both the Prosecutors Service and KPSM hope to have created more awareness on the project Stop, Drop & Go.


Stop, Drop & Go continues until next week (October 31, 2014). During this period, anyone can submit a firearm without being prosecuted for the possession of the firearm. Anyone who wants to surrender a fire-arm can do this every day from 8:30am to 4.30pm at the Attorney General’s office, Welfare Road #68 in Simpson Bay. For more information call the free phone number + 1 721 808 5444.