The month of October is being dedicated to the elderly in the community.
Besides no longer being able to get around as before, there are also those who for some reason or the other are either bed- or wheelchair- ridden and do not always get the opportunity to get out of their everyday surrounding to see the many changes that St. Maarten has gone through during the years.

On Sunday October 12th, members of the St. Maarten Lions Club dedicated their day to taking some wheelchair- and walker- bound clients of the St. Martin Home on an island tour.

Lions club members reported to the St. Martin Home as early as 9.30 a.m. and started assisting all those in wheelchairs into specially designed buses where they could sit comfortably , while those with walkers were seated in another bus along with Lion members. All were dressed in specially designed T-shirts for the day’s tour.

The tour took them through Front-, Back-, and Cannegieter street unto the St. Maarten Harbor, then through Sucker Garden, Dutch Quarter to French Quarter and unto Marigot.
On the way everyone enjoyed the sceneries which they had not seen in a long time; especially the newly developed areas of St. Maarten.

In Marigot the guests were all off-loaded from the buses and taken to Rosemary’s Local Restaurant on the Waterfront where they were served delicious local dishes and local drinks to their hearts delight. After lunch the Lions treated everyone to ice cream.

After their hearty lunch, the tour took them through Sandy Ground and on to Low Lands where the clients could see the developments of Porto Cupecoy, Blue Mall, other newly developed areas of the island, and, of course not to forget, the Causeway, which was something totally new for some of them.

Upon their return to the St. Martin Home at about 3.30 p.m. very exhausted but happy clients thanked the St. Maarten Lions Club for an excellent tour and most headed straight to their rooms to get a good evening’s sleep.