MP Lake said he is ready to fight for the rights of the peoples parliament and demand respect for the country constitution

Member of Parliament Hon. Maurice Lake of the United People’s (UP) Party said he is not surprised by the instruction given to the Governor of Sint Maarten by the Kingdom Council of Ministers.

“Some of the Dutch Members of the Second Chamber of Parliament in The Hague, and some of our own, are on a witch hunt against this broad based Government which is following all rules and procedures as a collective unit to better serve our people. These rules and procedures are based on the rule of law and our Constitution, the highest law of the land,

“As was duly elected by the people of Sint Maarten, and I condemn the instruction that has been issued by the Kingdom Council of Ministers as being unconstitutional and an interference in the autonomous status of our country.

“The people have voted for me and put their trust in me for upholding the law, integrity, and to serve them for the next four years. That’s why we have a parliament to make decisions in the interest and to better serve our people. We are capable of carrying out our own screening of Ministers. Within the past four years it was done three times under three governments. Prior to this broad-based Government there was no talk coming from Dutch MPs and the Kingdom Council of Ministers about changing the screening process.

“The people of Sint Maarten are not stupid and can see clearly the motives behind the Dutch Government. We have our own institutions that are enshrined in law with respect to their roles and responsibilities within our constitutional jurisdiction, again based on the rule of law.

“As I stated before, I have nothing against the integrity reports which is based on a lot of hearsay. I am in favour of implementing some of the recommendations of the reports, but due diligence must be done with respect to the merits. Country Sint Maarten must be given a chance to do it instead of judging us before we implement the recommendations and screening for our people. This is a responsibility of country Sint Maarten!

“I don’t have anything to hide, and I am open to screening, but conducted by our own rules and laws as was established by the Island Council and Parliament of Sint Maarten.

“The vindictive politics that is taking place is destroying the very fabric of our society. It is not a good example for our young people. We need to raise the bar in politics on the island and within the Kingdom. There are those responsible from the island who is giving the country a bad name in trying to bring down our own. We need to work together as all political parties and stop criticizing our own as St. Maarteners. Do it in a constructive manner, not in a vindictive one, because after all we are all one people.

“The illegal and unconstitutional instruction from the Kingdom Council of Minister has only made me steadfast and ready to fight for the rights of the people and country Sint Maarten,” MP Hon. Maurice Lake said on Sunday.