No indications criminal offense in investigation “Tulp”

On Tuesday, October 6, 2014 the Public Prosecutors Service (OM) was informed of the death of an 11-
month old child, a boy. The child was deceased on board an aircraft while it was flown to the Dominican
Republic for medical treatment. A day before, the child was brought in to St. Maarten Medical Center
(SMMC). The mother stated that the child had fallen into a toilet bowl.
The possible cause of death raised questions, hence the Public Prosecutor instructed KPSM to
investigate the death. This investigation was conducted last weeks under the name “Tulip”. The
investigation was done tactical, by hearing witnesses, as well as forensic. The forensic investigation
included research on the body of the deceased child, examining the place where the child has fallen and
an accurate measurement and photographing of the situation.
The findings, based on all the research, delivered no indications for a crime. There are no indications
that the child had been abused or neglected or not taken good care of by the person who had the care
of the child.
The prosecution assumes that the child slipped of a mattress, crawled to and climbed on a ridge next to
the toilet, and fell in the low toilet. The situation in the house made it possible that such an accident
could have happened.
The child’s parents have been informed that the OM released the body of the child so the young boy can
be buried.St. Maarten will not allow Dutch
to make a mockery of its democracy