Commissioning of the restored part of Bethel Methodist School Sint Eustatius

On October 20th , 2014 the Bethel Methodist School took over the use ofthe newly renovated classroom block. This classroom block was formerly vacated due to structural problems. The pupils and teachers involved are happy that they can exchange the temporary housing for the renovated classrooms.
The renovation of the two-story block consisted of replacing the existing floor and reinforcing the support structure. Furthermore, the lower and upper story have been fitted with balustrades and classrooms are subdivided by new partition walls.
The restoration works at the Bethel Methodist School were carried out under direction of the Central Government Real Estate Agency, commissioned by the Public Entity of Sint Eustatius and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW). PREAM Architects and CECC from St. Maarten were responsible for the design and supervision during the activities. Contractor Liccorn Statia NV executed the work.
The renovation of the Bethel Methodist School is the third project to be realized in the context of the School Buildings master plan for Sint Eustatius. This plan was signed by the Public Entity Sint Eustatius and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science on October 10th , 2012 and is aimed at improving the quality of the school buildings on Sint Eustatius.
Renovation design for the other buildings of the Bethel Methodist School has now also commenced, as agreed in the School Buildings master plan. This is done in close consultation with the school management and preparations are being made for the construction works. The school grounds and the building will be thoroughly improved: roofs and ceilings will be completely renewed, new windows and doors will be installed and the lavatories will be renovated. The buildings will be fitted with air-conditioning installations with fresh air supply and CO2 sensors for proper ventilation and the electrical wiring system will be upgraded.