On Tuesday morning the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) met to assess the situation in the country. The following information is available; additional information will be provided later today after a follow-up meeting related to a number of issues:


The Emergency services as well as technical crews from the utility companies have been working during the passing and after the passing of the hurricane; and since sunrise to deal with the aftermath of the passing of Hurricane Gonzalo. Their efforts continue unabated throughout Tuesday and into the night and for the coming days.

This is the first update with respect to reports coming in from assessment teams:


Clean-up is well under way by the Ministry VROMI and private contractors who are assisting with the national clean-up. Primary focus is Front Street, Back Street and the main roads. Secondary roads will follow.
Primary roads should be clear within another 24 hours; secondary roads, complete clean-up could take up to 14 days.
Motorists/sightseers should stay off the roads to allow clean-up crews to move around quickly in clearing debris and other obstructions; this would also allow various crews from utility services to restore electricity/telecoms;
Police and the Military will be assisting Ministry VROMI clean-up and certain streets and roads will be closed temporarily to facilitate quick clean-up;
Large Green Waste Bins: have been placed at various locations along the main roads to collect hurricane related debris; these will also be placed along secondary roads as well;
Downed trees are being removed in order to facilitate clean-up operations;
Homeowners and businesses busy with clean-up, do not dump bush or tree trimmings or other garbage/debris on top of GEBE water meters or electrical meters; this is to prevent damage to the aforementioned and outage of service to consumers;
Mudslides/Rock falls: residents in hilly areas should be mindful of the aforementioned;
Retaining Walls: if a retaining wall has given away at your home, do not remove it at this point in time; let the ground dry out; removing it now would create further slippage of earth;


Homes/residents as well as businesses, having issues with sewage water should use disinfectant (Clorox) to clean with; remember to wash your hands frequently; keep young children away from where the cleaning is taking place; if you don’t have water, you can still throw the disinfectant on the area that needs to be cleaned and sweep/mop it away; clean hands properly and avoid touching your mouth with dirty hands;
Persons should not fish in the ponds; persons should not eat any fish from the ponds because they are contaminated with runoff water; consuming the fish is bad for your health!
Residents/Businesses: should check their yards and clean spouts, drains etc; remove containers that could become a mosquito breeding ground; prevent mosquito breeding;


Fire department continues to carry out assessments; additional fire officers have been mobilized; a review of critical infrastructure is a priority; during the passing the department responded to several emergencies and continues to deal with any eventualities;
Police and Marines are working together assisting other government services where it concerns facilitating debris removal eg. Temporary Road closure or traffic diversion; and also fulfilling their national responsibilities;


Schools: damage assessment is being carried out and additional information will be forthcoming as to the status of school buildings.

PORTS (Airport and Port):

The national Airport is open;
Port St. Maarten is busy with clean-up operations; divers have to go into the water to assess the situation to see if there are any undersea obstructions that could inhibit the safe docking of vessels; the port will resume operations as soon as the all clear sign has been given;


Three main water lines are down as reported in the meeting of Tuesday morning: Cay Hill; Middle Region and Point Blanche; NV GEBE is busy working diligently to repair the damage suffered to the aforementioned;


Technicians from telecom providers are working diligently to restore service: telephone, cell and internet.


Ministry VROMI continues to lower water levels in the Great Salt Pond; this operation is an ongoing 24 hours until water levels are at a normal level;
Fresh Water Pond levels are at a safe level;
The Pond Island Landfill is open and in full operation accommodating the delivery of hurricane related debris from clean-up crews;


One hotel received partial damage to its 7th floor; other damages to properties are cosmetic and to foliage/greenery-trees/plants.