Three traffic accidents on October 12th early morning hours

1st accident took place around 03:30 am on the Airport Road in the vicinity op Arrindell Aviation.
A silver Suzuki Grand Vitara P-9541 collided with a Mitsubishi Eclipse P-2015. After the collision for unknown reasons the Suzuki Vitara travelled on three wheels for more or less 215 meters before it came to a full stop and almost reaching the round a bout at Maho Reef. The accident left both vehicles unable to drive.

2nd accident took place around 05:05 am on the Arlet Peters Road (Link 1)
A silver colour Nissan Almera M-2501 with 6 persons inside lost control while driving at high speed and collided with the guardrail on the left side op the road after which the car spun out and hit the guardrail a second time. Two passengers where injured. 1 male passenger received stitches to his left temple and a female passenger received cuts to her inner mouth. The vehicle was heavily damaged. The guardrail and a light post were also damaged.

3rd accident took place around 08:05 am on the Union Road at the entrance to Port de Plaisance
A silver Ford Fiesta BP 064 NG driver lost control of his vehicle while travelling on the Union Road at the entrance to Port de Plaisance and collided into a light Pole after which the car came to a stop on the grass on the side of the road. The driver fled the scene leaving the vehicle behind.

All vehicles were towed away for further investigation at the expense of the owners.